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Network Optimization Management Solutions (NOMS)

Today’s enterprise often has no clear boundaries. Employees are distributed across various branch offices and are typically connected via the corporate WAN, but remote/mobile Internet access is also a necessity. In addition, customers, partners, suppliers, and mobile users can all leverage the Internet for authorized, “on-demand” access to the enterprise – regardless of their physical location.

Within this “boundaryless” enterprise (or any type distributed organization), applications are hosted in the main corporate data center(s) or, increasingly, applications are hosted by 3rd party organizations outside the company.

Ideal Solution (NOMS) technology help IT organizations secure Web communications and accelerate delivery of business applications for all users across the distributed enterprise - including Internet gateways, branch offices, data centers, and even individual end points. Ideal Solution function as intelligent points of control wherever users and applications are connected to the network. This enables IT organizations to ensure that individual users are safe and productive, critical business applications perform well, security threats are contained, and costly application and network resources are delivering maximum value to the business.

Convergence of voice and data over packet switched IP, MPLS or frame relay networks in branch office networks will continue to be an important focus of enterprise network infrastructure. As new real-time IP-based voice, video and messaging applications emerge and evolve, it will be necessary and crucial for these branch office router networks to support high voice quality, low latency and QoS to ensure that these real-time applications have sufficient network bandwidth and resources. This rate of convergence will vary from enterprise to enterprise, and economics will dictate the rate of change.

In the voice and data converged world of legacy and IP networking, a true multiservice solution need to be implemented; Ideal Solution offers the right solution which will be able to support the converged applications of today and tomorrow without compromising performance, latency, cost or operational flexibility.

Regardless of your network application pain, Ideal Solution has a solution. And because we recognize that each network issue has an impact upon other critical areas, Ideal Solution has chosen products that share powerful attributes across the industries.

Ideal Solution NOMS address the three main areas of Application Delivery Networking:

arrow Datacenter Acceleration
arrow WAN Acceleration
arrow Load Balancing
arrow Local & Global Traffic Management
arrow Application Optimization
arrow Network & Application Availability

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