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Information Security Solutions & Services (ISSS)

 Ideal Solution
offers a variety of specialized solutions to help organizations address some of today’s toughest business challenges.

Interruptions to routine processes can have a major impact on an organization and its interconnected web of business partners. Most notable is the potential for lost revenue. But outages also impact employee productivity and customer relationships, and may have legal consequences. To help ensure business continuity, Ideal Solution can help your organization develop and implement solutions that protect against security threats, reduce the impact of planned downtime, and minimize the downtime of applications and data caused by unplanned disruptions.

Ideal Solution helps companies develop comprehensive plans for business continuity and disaster recovery—from process review to IT architecture development.

Ideal Solution ISSS help organizations restore data and application services to meet recovery time and recovery point objectives. For the highest priority applications, Ideal Solution offers world-class clustering and data replication technologies. For less critical applications, backup and recovery tools ensure that data is protected and can be safely restored.

Optimal use of information can be a key differentiator for enterprises in today's business environment. However, the amount of electronic information being generated and stored in messaging and collaboration systems has increased and become more broadly distributed. In addition, a rapidly changing threat landscape and increased compliance and legal discovery requirements have created significant risks which enterprises must now manage more effectively.

Ideal Solution Information Foundation solutions delivers industry-leading protection against risks to messaging and collaboration systems, while lowering the total costs associated with data retention, electronic discovery and systems management.

Because information flows through a variety of channels such as email, IM, and portal environments, businesses must ensure this does not create added risk from viruses, worms, spam, and other unwanted content. Protection requires powerful solutions at the critical points where data is exchanged. Ideal Solution adaptive technologies and market-leading response organization block known and unknown threats and provide ongoing protection to help businesses stay ahead of a rapidly changing threat landscape.

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